Heems – Wild Water Kingdom Mixtape

Heems from Das Racist dropped another mixtape this week, a follow up to Nehru Jackets from earlier this year. This one features production from Crookers (!), Keyboard Kid, LE1F, Mike Finito, Beautiful Lou, and others. It’s full of Heem’s lazy flow and signature wordplay, including humorous pop culture allusions and foreign references (“my bread big like that Pakistani roti”).  Here’s what Heems had to say about the mixtape to Rolling Stone:

Wild Water Kingdom is more [like] the music I listened to after independent rap, [in] 2001, when, like, The Blueprint dropped and I started appreciating mainstream rap again, and Dipset after. I fuck with shit like Meek Mill and French Montana, and this is more in the vein of what I listen to now.”

You can download it here or stream it below.


~ by johnnyjay on November 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Heems – Wild Water Kingdom Mixtape”

  1. I’m loving this mix tape. Especially Death is not an Option.

  2. […] more aggressive. Consequently, while perusing Himanshu Suri’s new (and awesome) mixtape on The Sound Medium, I was immediately pulled by Death is not an Option. Producer Keyboard Kid works the synths like […]

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