Alt-J (∆) – An Awesome Wave

A few weeks ago, Alt-J (∆) released their critically acclaimed album in the US (after releasing it in Europe this past summer). The band’s actual name is just ∆, but pronounced Alt-J, as that’s the Mac keyboard command that types the Greek delta symbol. The British quartet chose the name as it came about during big changes in their lives (delta representing change in math). Their debut album, An Awesome Wave, is a splendid collection of well-crafted, lyrical songs and is a favorite to win the Mercury Prize this year. The album starts with “Intro” before a a vocal interlude, but the album really kicks off with the haunting “Tessellate” and bass-laden “Breezeblocks”, which has an accompanying video of a murder in reverse (see below). After another interlude, this time a soft guitar riff, the album hits it’s middle stride with “Something Good”, which starts off snare heavy, but moves in and out of a rhythmic harmony. “Dissolve Me” is the most upbeat song on the album; “Matilda” has nasal-y vocals, but works well with the instrumentation and “Ms” is definitely one of the most beautiful songs of the year. Check out a few videos from the band below and grab their album off Amazon for only $6.





“Dissolve Me”




“Something Good”




~ by johnnyjay on October 5, 2012.

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