Django Django

Django Django are a four piece psychedelic rock group hailing from Scotland. They released their debut self-titled album in the UK this past January to rave reviews and have released it in the US just this week (though the digital download has been available for a month or so now). This album is hard to describe, except that its awesome. It’s all over the place, from 80s prog rock to Beach Boys to stompy Brit rock to tribal beat backed psychedelia to analog surf rock. The most common comparisons are to Beta Band, Franz Ferdinand, and Hot Chip.

Videos for the lead track, “Hail Bop” and the most accessible song on the album, “Default”,  are below. Take the jump for a few more tracks, including “Life’s A Beach” (personal fave), with it’s wavy verses intertwined with middle eastern guitar riffs and the whompy, melody-ridden “Waveforms”. The whole album is also available on Spotify here.



“Hail Bop”


“Life’s A Beach”







~ by johnnyjay on September 26, 2012.

One Response to “Django Django”

  1. Thanks, Jay. This shit’s real cool.

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