Future Balearica Vol 2: A New Wave Of Chill

Thanks to Pandora and Spotify, I recently stumbled upon a super-chill compilation called Future Balearica Vol 2: A New Wave of Chill. Balearic music is a genre of electronic music that emerged out of the Ibiza club scene in the mid 80s (Ibiza is in the Balearic Island archipelago off the coast of Spain). The original inventors of Balearic music describe it as less of classification and more as a non-style that encompassed the ability to play across a broad range of styles, from early minimal new beat to the first extended remixes of pop-songs, making Balearic DJ sets those that tend to have the sharpest turns of musical direction. While it was more pronounced back before the turn of the century, today it’s almost interchangeable with chillout, lounge, or downtempo music. This compilation has some excellent examples, of the breezy, blissful, island sound that makes you want to quit your job and move to Bali or something. Come to think of it, there’s a lot of things that make me want to do that.

Check out a highlight track below – “In The Water” by Beat Connection – as well as a full album preview and take the jump to check out some other tracks off the record.

Future Balerica Minimix


Houses – Soak It Up

Fete – Song For Her

HEALTH – Before Tigers (CFCF Remix)




~ by johnnyjay on November 15, 2011.

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