Tycho Announces New LP, Drops “Hours”

Tycho is the the moniker under which San Fran graphic design artist Scott Hansen produces music. Hansen’s signature melodic, sweeping landscapes mixed with vocal samples and beats creates a nostalgic and distant mood. Tycho’s music is the type that will always be on a playlist readily available on your iPod…it never get’s old and regularly seems appropriate. Recently, Hansen announced he will release his second proper LP, Dive, on November 15th to follow up last year’s awesome Past Is Prologue (a re-issue that contained several older tracks). Dive will include a few tracks that have been trickling out on the net over the past year or so and some new stuff. The first official single from the album is “Hours” and can be downloaded for free on Soundcloud. Stream it below and take the jump for the full tracklist and some more Tycho goodness.

Tycho – “Hours”

Tycho – “Dictaphone’s Lament” (From Past Is Prologue and probably one of my favorite tracks…ever)

Dive Tracklist:

1. A Walk

2. Hours

3. Daydream

4. Dive

5. Coastal Break

6. Ascension

7. Melanine

8. Adrift

9. Epigram

10. Elegy

Tycho – “Coastal Break”

Tycho – “Adrift”

Tycho – “The Daydream”

~ by johnnyjay on August 12, 2011.

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