Phish Rumored to Return to NC in June!

The summer tour 2011 rumors are spreading like wildfire and it’s looking like Phish will return to NC on June 17 and 18 in Charlotte and Raleigh. If you recall the last time these guys destroyed North Carolina, then you’ll probably be sure to hit both shows. One giveaway for the Raleigh date at least is that Pour House is putting on an “ophicial after party” on June 18th. Other rumored dates include a one or two night stop in Portsmouth, the Hollywood Bowl, and maybe even Wrigley Field. Take the jump for the full list of rumored dates and check out the “AC/DC Bag ” vid from the Hampton comeback run…Acker, I’m looking at you.

6/1-2 West Palm Beach
6/4 Cleveland
6/5 Cincinnati
6/7 Toronto
6/8 Darien Lake
6/10 Camden
6/11-12 Hartford
6/14-15 Alpharetta
6/17 Charlotte
6/18 Raleigh
6/19 Merriweather
6/21 Portsmouth (x2 maybe?)
6/23 Great Woods
6/24 – 26 Atlantic City (Bader Field Music Fest)
6/25 Wrigley Field
6/26 Deer Creek
7/1-3 Watkins Glen, NY (Phish only Fest)

August dates in Red Rocks, Gorge, Hollywood Bowl, Chula Vista, and Outside Lands Fest

~ by johnnyjay on February 20, 2011.

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  1. Here’s where johnnyjay got these dates from –

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