Alternative Takes On Congotronics


The Congotronics series is devoted to the strange and spectacular electro-traditional mixtures which are being concocted in the suburbs of Kinshasa, Congo. It has spawned a fervent following in the world of indie rock and electronic music… and now that world answers back in musical form. Crammed has asked a carefully chosen list of musicians (including Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Andrew Bird, Megafaun and many more) to come up with their own personal take on Congotronics. The result is this epic double album, consisting of 26 brand-new tracks from a wild mix of artists. They include covers, reworks and original compositions inspired by the electrifying sounds of Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars and other bands who play electrified traditional music (also known as “tradi-modern“).

Most of the contributions blur the boundaries between reinventions and covers versions, reworks and homages. Much like its source material, this music is by turns serene, invigoratingly noisy or aimed squarely at open-minded dancefloors… yet always intriguing and in some way revelatory: this album pretends to be nothing other than a joyful homage to what has become a true phenomenon of contemporary music – but listen in, and maybe some unlikely musical bloodlines can be traced…

Stream the album for free over at 3VOOR12 now. Don’t miss the Tussle, Andrew Bird, Animal Collective, and local folks Megafaun tracks. Pretty interesting stuff.

~ by johnnyjay on November 9, 2010.

One Response to “Alternative Takes On Congotronics”

  1. Wow! I love this! First I’ve heard of Congotronics but these mashup/remix/covers are simply amazing. Really digging the Animal Collective track.

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