Total Warr – Cool Tracks, Cooler Album Covers

Thanks to Stereogum’s Bands To Watch page, I stumbled across Total Warr the other day. This French duo used to dabble in hardcore music before deciding to lighten things up with Total Warr. Apparently, Kiki and Guigui (those are their (very) French nicknames) were wandering around Eurodisney when they were inspired for the first two tracks from their Cascades EP (cover above). Check out the floating, synth-y “Gangsta Rap” first before hearing “I Don’t Need Your Friendship”, which as Stereogum notes, sounds like they borrowed from Yeasayer’s “ONE” to get the background effects.

Total Warr – “Gangsta Rap”

Total Warr – “I Don’t Need Your Friendship”

~ by johnnyjay on October 27, 2010.

One Response to “Total Warr – Cool Tracks, Cooler Album Covers”

  1. Love the tracks. Definitely a Yeasayer feel in the background of “I Don’t Need Your Friendship,” but I can’t really hear parts of “ONE” in the background effects to make me think they actually borrowed from the song.

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