Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

You may know Das Racist from their satirical hit “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” (maybe you heard it on the H1N1 Mix?) and you may think these guys are just some one hit novelty act. You are wrong. These guys are fucking legitimate. The hip hop duo, based in Brooklyn, is made of Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez, who met at Wesleyan University on a “Students of Color for Social Justice” themed dormitory, which is consistent with their politically aware lyrics. They’ve been recording and performing together (with Ashok Kondabolu for live performances) since 2008 and have received critical acclaim over the years: the New York Times described Das Racist’s live set as “characteristically shambolic, and characteristically entertaining, holding together a half-hour set of half-performed songs with hyperliterate reference points and self-aware charm.” Spin magazine picked Das Racist as one of “50 Acts To Watch” at 2010 South by Southwest, describing Das Racist as “well-schooled, culture-crossing MCs [who] drop nuggets of sharp social commentary”. Think Aesop Rock with a sense of humor.

Das Racist – Sit Down, Man (Free Download)

Das Racist released their first mix tape earlier this year in March with Shut Up, Dude, which met positive reviews. This month, they release their second mix tape, Sit Down, Man, which includes guest emcee appearances by Jay-Z (well kinda), El-P, and Roc Marciano, with production from superproducer Diplo (on whose Mad Decent label the album was released) and Boi-1da. This album is chock full of lyrics that will keep the listener awestruck, but also laughing at the ridiculously smart wit underlying each track. The too-clever “puerto rican cousins” flows with”I wanna ride of my own though/ try to save the world like Bono/ be the token brotha in an ad for Disarrono/ Ho Ho Ho, Merry Kwanzaa Hanukkah Ramadan/ got more rhymes than Jay Elec got ramalama ding dong”. The album also features its share of samples, including Jay-Z’s “Run This Town”, “We Are Family”, “People Are Strange”, and that Enigma song “Return to Innocence”…yeah the one with the chanting. There’s too many great lines and pop culture references in this album to list here; you just need to give it a listen. Don’t miss “amazing”, “julia”, “puerto rican cousins”, and “hahahaha jk?”. Also, go check out their video game.

Das Racist – “hahahaha jk?”


~ by johnnyjay on September 28, 2010.

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