40 Years of The Allman Brothers Band

Here’s an awesome video that features 40 years of The Allman Brothers Band (animated) playing “Statesboro Blues”.  This is a fantastic display of one of the best American bands ever, and watches very similar to a history lesson and a who’s who of the musical elite.  Nearly every musician in the band’s 40 year career is showcased here, and throughout all of the different versions, the band never misses a beat.  Also, pay close attention to Gregg’s voice – like a fine wine, it gets better with age.  Take the jump for a full list of musicians…

Full Lineup
Gregg Allman – vocals, keyboards (1969-present)
Duane Allman – guitar (1969-1971)
Dickey Betts – guitar (1969-2000)
Berry Oakley – bass (1969-1972)
Butch Trucks – drums (1969-present)
Jaimoe – drums, percussion (1969-present)
Chuck Leavell – keyboards (1972-1989)
Dan Toler –  guitar (1978-1982)
David Goldflies – bass (1979-1984)
David Toler – drums (1980-1982)
Mike Lawler – keyboards (1980-1982)
Warren Haynes – guitar (1989-present)
Allen Woody – bass (1989-1997)
Johnny Neel – keyboards (1989-1994)
Marc Quinones – percussion (1991-present)
Jack Pearson – guitar (1997-1999)
Oteil Burbridge – bass (1997-present)
Derek Trucks – guitar (1999-present)
Jimmy Herring – guitar (1993-2002)


~ by cdowell4 on August 25, 2010.

One Response to “40 Years of The Allman Brothers Band”

  1. Animated but a blast – nice edit…….

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