Ziggy’s Music Club Reopening In Winston-Salem

Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem’s storied music club, is back!!!

Jay Stephens, the longtime owner/operator of Ziggy’s, announced Wednesday morning that he will build a new 14,000-square-foot club at the north end of the Twin City’s Arts District on a vacant two-acre tract of land. It’ll be at the corner of North Trade and Ninth streets. Right now, that land is overgrown with weeds, with an abandoned warehouse. But by next March, the land will be taken up with a music club that can hold at least 1,000 people. It’ll be at least a $1 million two-story structure with a bigger stage, a better sound system and better bathrooms than the old Ziggy’s, a big barn of a building at the dead-end of Baity Street near Wake Forest University. Stephens says he expects to start construction in early September. And he expects to bring back the same kind of music lineup that made Ziggy’s on Baity Street one of the must-stop spots along the East Coast for any band.

In the past, artists like The Black Crowes, Widespread Panic, George Clinton, Leftover Salmon and David Allan Coe played at the old Ziggy’s. And what’s on tap for the future Ziggy’s? It’ll be a lot of the same, just like what you saw on the sign over the stage: roots, rock and reggae.

Ziggy’s on Baity Street closed nearly three years ago when Wake Forest bought the property — Stephens won’t say for how much — and turned it into gravel parking lot for the school’s new BB&T Field. Ever since, Stephens looked to open up a new Ziggy’s. A Wake Forest grad from Maryland, Stephens had run Ziggy’s since 1991, and he always looked for a spot in his adopted hometown. He once had a potential spot on Sixth and Main streets in downtown Winston-Salem, but it didn’t work out. It cost too much. So, he kept looking and kept booking shows at various places under his “Ziggy’s Presents’’ moniker. Meanwhile, Stephens also had offers from people interested in buying the name and opening up another Ziggy’s in cities like Greensboro and popular spots like High Rock Lake. But Stephens always said no.

But Stephens announced Wednesday that he has joined a development group in Winston-Salem he declined to name and brought in two investors from YES! Weekly — publisher Charles Womack and marketing executive Brad McCauley of the local alternative newspaper — to provide the cash and the expertise to pull this off. Now, he can’t wait to get started. “I can sleep only three hours a night,’’ says Stephens, 43. “I get up early because I’m so happy that I can go to work. I’m euphoric.’’

via The News & Record


~ by cdowell4 on August 13, 2010.

16 Responses to “Ziggy’s Music Club Reopening In Winston-Salem”

  1. That is great news!

  2. its been 3 long years without ziggy’s
    cant wait to rock the at the new one!
    maybe Swift could stop by

  3. Arrogance at Cat’s Cradle New Year’s Eve 11-31-10

  4. There is no replacing the old Ziggys I may be one of the only ones to say this but I like being able to see big bands play a club the size of a barn with a tarp for a roof, I have seen bands like Slayer and even Bo Diddly. Only holding around 500 people It made every show at Ziggys special and some of the best shows I’ve ever you almost always got to meet the artist and there was no such place as a bad spot in the place. I have moved to Richmond and even here people have drove there for shows. on top of that I dont think I ever spent more than $25 for a show there. Ziggys you will be missed forever

  5. So it’s been about money. It’s been too dead for too long.

    Long Live Rock N Roll

  6. What great news! Ziggy’s has been a wonderful venue for all kinds of music for a generation. Thanks Jay.

  7. Winston-Salem still sucks balls!!

  8. This is best news I heard in a long time I LOV Ziggys welcome back.

  9. i am happy to hear there will be a new ziggys, but the old one can never be replaced!!! the best shows i have ever seen were there, and i agree with others who said that theres just something special about seeing bands in a barn with a tarp on the roof!!! the new one will be cool…. but ziggys will never be replaced!

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  11. when will hank 3 be there cant wait

  12. Hell yeah thank god its back!! Please tell me there will be some Metal bands playing!! Headbangers unite!!

  13. Lots of good times at the old club on Baity street.Looking forward to some more fun at the new one.Thanks Jay(and everyone else involved in this project).Ziggy’s Rocks Your Lame Ass!

  14. 1st time to Ziggy’s…may be the last time…..ordered wings…..they CANNOT be serious with what they served….THE SMALLEST WINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!…..SMALLER THAN MY INDEX FINGER!!!!!!…IF YOU ARE GOING TO ZIGGY’S JUST GO TO HAVE A BEER AND THAT IS IT!…..$20 for a TUESDAY night show (of a nobody band) REALLY????

  15. Had wonderful times at Ziggy’s-the best times that I had with my x-Bill Kjems!!Saw alot of great bands and am missing the good times..It’s still not to late Bill-you will always be in my heart-maybe we will run into each other there and leave the he-she you are with at home!!

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