The Sound Medium’s August Music Preview

The Black CrowesCroweology (08.03)
With the band’s monumental 20th anniversary quickly approaching, The Black Crowes have released an “acoustic re-recording of greatest hits” compilation that is sure to please any fan of genuine Southern Rock, titled Croweology. A rehashing of the old favorites is a welcome approach for the rock veterans, with the soul of each and every track shining through in its newly found arrangement. Upon the completion of the band’s lengthy fall tour, the Crowes will be hanging it up for awhile. Be sure to cherish this brilliant record and catch them live one last time when they come around your town.

Arcade FireThe Suburbs (08.03)
Arcade Fire follows up 2007’s indie smash, Neon Bible, with a gem of an album in their third full-length release, The Suburbs. Drawing inspirations from their childhood growing up just outside of Houston, the brothers Butler have created a work of art – drenched in minor key nostalgia that draws upon a quiet desperation of a life that might have been. A multi-climactic listen from start to finish, The Suburbs is sure to solidify Arcade Fire’s ranks amongst indie rock royalty. A definite contender for record of the year…

WavvesKing of The Beach (08.03)
Riding the wave of indie surf rock music that’s become commonplace over the last few months, Wavves releases their 3rd studio album in as many years this month. This time, the band went for a cleaner production, but the gritty punk element is still heavily present on King of The Beach, which boasts a hit single of the same name. Interesting fact: the lead singer was pelted with bottles at Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival last year after fighting with the drummer and insulting the crowd. He later admitted to taking a cocktail ecstasy and valium before the performance.

Freddie GibbsStr8 Killa (08.03)
After releasing a string of free mixtapes over the last year or so, Freddie Gibbs drops his first EP this month. Gibbs’ 90s gangsta rap style conjurs images and emotions of the struggle of lower socioeconomic life in America, something which has lead listeners to make comparisons to Tupac. The Gary, Indiana native’s new record has 8 tracks, including the first single, “National Anthem (Fuck the World)” and “Oil Money” featuring Dan Auerbach. This guy can rap….and he also smokes 21 blunts a day….some days 30.

Cee-Lo GreenLady Killer (08.09)
Cee-Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley and Goodie M.O.B.) returns with his first solo disc, Lady Killer, in nearly six years. If the first singles off the album – “Georgia” and “I Want You” – are any indication of what this album holds, you can be sure it will be a solid blend of hip-hop and soul, with a little Dirty South bump thrown in. Cee-Lo’s prequel to the release, The Stray Bullets Mixtape, is a strong and diverse effort, and serves as a nice appetizer to the forthcoming album.

PVT – Church With No Magic (08.09)
PVT (pronounced “pivot”) is an experimental rock trio from Australia. They’ve had limited exposure in the US as they mainly tour in Europe and Australia. Church With No Magic is the band’s third release and the first single is the versatile “Window”, which is fucking awesome. It’s a bit like Yeasayer with a harder edge. Hopefully, “Window” is an indicator of the rest of the album.

The Budos Band – III (08.10)
Staten Island-based, Daptone funk favorites, The Budos Band, bring the booty-shaking swagger out in full throttle on their third release, aptly titled, III. If you haven’t gotten to know the band by now, do yourself a favor and pick this record up immediately. Colored in spooky grooves and splashed in 70’s blaxploitation hooks marked by sweeping horns and tight drum and bass loops, III is a monster of an album. The Budos Band’s trademark sound continues to improve by leaps and bounds, swirling deeper and more dense than ever before.

Annuals Count The Rings (08.23)
The Raleigh-based sextet, Annuals, have been playing together since 2003 and released 8 albums. This fall, they will be releasing an album of B-sides and band favorites called Count The Rings that have yet to see the light of day outside of the US (it’s a European release). The opening track is the tropical “Eyes In The Darkness” showing the band’s ability to play so cohesively as a six-piece.

!!!Strange Weather, Isn’t It? (08.24)
Sacramento Dance-punk outfit !!! – pronounced chk chk chk – will release their 4th studio album, Strange Weather, Isn’t It?, on August 24 via Warp Records. !!!’s sound is full (there’s 8 dudes in the band), danceable, and funky. Their last two records, Myth Takes and Louden Up Now, reached #3 and #4 on the U.S. Electronic Albums charts respectively and this summer’s release will be the first !!! material since the tragic death of drummer Jerry Fuchs (also of The Juan MacLean) last fall. The new album’s sound goes back to their early 2000′s funk jams swelling to peaks that always leave the listener satisfied.

Maximum BalloonMaximum Balloon (08.24)
Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio has plans to release a solo album August 24th under the moniker Maximum Balloon. The album will feature guest appearances by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O, David Byrne, TVOTR bandmates Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone, Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano, Holly Miranda, and Theophilus London. So far, we’ve heard “Groove Me” and “Tiger”, which both carry Sitek’s fuzzy, yet crisp sound well. Given Sitek’s past work, it will be a big surprise if this album is not awesome.

KlaxonsSurfing The Void (08.24)
British new rave outfit, Klaxons, release their sophomore album this month after 3 years since the release of their highly touted, Mercury-prize winning debut, Myths of The Near Future. Apparently the band had to re-record several tracks on Surfing The Void after Polydor, the label, rejected some tracks as being “too experimental” for release, with lead singer Jamie Reynolds saying “…we’ve made a really dense, psychedelic record”. Whatever does make it out the door later this month will surely be interesting.

Dead ConfederateSugar (08.24)
Dead Confederate recorded their sophomore release, Sugar, during the middle of a record setting blizzard this past winter in New Jersey. Working with producer John Agnello (The Hold Steady, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.), the band approached the album with a refined sense of purpose focusing on a tighter song structure, atmospheric undertones, and bone-chilling melodies. Combining elements of alt-country, Southern grunge, and bleak psychedelia, Sugar is set to be a strong sophomore effort for the up-and-coming band out of Athens, GA.

Ra Ra RiotThe Orchard (08.24)
Ra Ra Riot’s second album, The Orchard, is slated for release later this month. Riot’s sound is a unique mixture of pop songs with a cellist and violinist underscoring lead-singer Wes Miles wide range. Miles was also half of Discovery, a project between him and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, who mixed one of the tracks on the new album. The rest of the tracks were mixed by Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla.

JJ Grey & MOFROGeorgia Warhorse (08.24)
Florida swamp-bluesmen, JJ Grey & MOFRO, will release their 5th studio album, Georgia Warhorse, later this month. Combining elements of soul, funk, and blues heavily influenced by the likes of iconic musicians including Muddy Waters, Otis Redding, and Van Morrison, JJ Grey & MOFRO can eloquently craft a song that takes you back to the moonlight and magnolias era of the Deep South. This is sure to be an album that speaks to you in a way that, no matter what background you come from, you can clearly identify with the purpose and place of the band.

Ryan Bingham & The Dead HorsesJunky Star (08.31)
Academy Award-winning singer/songwriter, Ryan Bingham, is set to release his third full-length album, Junky Star, at the very end of the month. Teaming up with Grammy Award-winning producer, T-Bone Burnett, this album is slated to be Bingham’s strongest effort yet. With a whiskey-dusted voice and a knack for writing gut-wrenching songs, Bingham has made quite the name for himself over the past year. There are not many artists out there today who can craft a song with the soul that Bingham puts into each note of every song. Bingham has stated that this album will be a heartfelt reflection of who he is and the current state of the world we live in. It’s sure to win some awards…


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  1. Great preview, didn’t know the Klaxtons had an album coming out and I definitely need to get my ass in gear and pick up “Suburbs” and “King of the Beach” already.

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