Under The Radar: ceo

Hailing from Gothenberg, Sweden, Eric Berglund has been making music since 2001, mostly as part of the electro-pop duo The Tough Alliance. TTA’s sound is typically smooth and bright with floating, melodic vocals and Berglund’s latest side project, ceo, is not much of a departure from this. The first album from ceo, White Magic, was released June29 on Sincerely Yours (a label with other Swedish artists Air France and jj). The album may only be 8 tracks that last around a half hour, but the highlights shine on this one. “Illuminata” is a pop song that, as Pitchfork put it, is “as big a pop song as anything by Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, or any other hook-friendly indie band out there”. The album’s title track is comprised of a first half with a rolling, intense feeling before opening up into a beautiful, slow crescendo to end the song. The album’s first single, “Come With Me”, is the album’s strongest, blends Berglund’s shiny vocals across some fantastic dance music. Have a listen to “Come With Me” and “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” (a B-side that didn’t make the album) below.

ceo – Come With Me

ceo – Everything Is Gonna Be Altright


~ by johnnyjay on August 5, 2010.

One Response to “Under The Radar: ceo”

  1. Both stellar tracks, and I looked up “Illuminata” and definitely agree with it being a stand out pop song that could really put some much deserved attention on ceo.

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