Now Streaming: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

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Arcade Fire avoided the sophomore slump with 2007’s Neon Bible, and have successfully outdone themselves again with the release of their 3rd album, The Suburbs. Inspired by brothers Win and William Butler’s suburban upbringing just outside of Houston, TX, this opus is splashed with nostalgic memories of a childhood home. The Suburbs is one of those rare albums that can be digested in one sitting (as it was meant to be). All aspects of this record are intellectually, emotionally, lyrically, and musically satisfying, and taken as whole, is sure to solidify the band as indie rock royalty. In addition, the band released the album with 8 different covers (all allocated randomly), so the next time you’re hanging out in the local record store, head over to the ‘A’ section and check ’em out.


~ by cdowell4 on August 2, 2010.

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  1. […] would like to extend our congratulations to Durham-based Merge Records for the chart topping album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire, which debuted at number one last week in the US and UK. It’s held strong at […]

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