Gorillaz: Live in Syria

Stream Gorillaz: Live in Syria

What you are about to hear is the sound of a band coming full circle while embarking on a new beginning.

When Damon Albarn decided to extend his Gorillaz project for a third album, he looked to Syria for inspiration. It was March 2009, and the Britpop icon was obsessed with Arabic orchestral music, so he took his demos to Damascus and recorded with the National Orchestra for Arabic Music. While in Syria, Albarn worked with conductor Issam Rafea, who composed a gorgeous piece full of strings, woodwinds and hand percussion for Gorillaz’s third album, Plastic Beach. The sessions only resulted in the intro and outro of “White Flag,” the album’s not-so-ambiguous plea for peace in the Middle East, but those two minutes helped cement the relationship Rafea and his musicians had with Albarn.

Just look at what happened this past Sunday night… Gorillaz returned to the desert with Plastic Beach‘s cast of all-stars including – Bobby Womack, De La Soul, Bootie Brown of the Pharcyde, Paul Simonon and Mick Jones of The Clash, Shaun Ryder of The Happy Mondays, Bashy, Kano, and Syrian rapper, Eslam Jawaad –  for a special performance at the Damascus Citadel, a 1,000-year-old walled palace in the northwest corner of the city. Under a full moon, the cartoon crew — stripped of its members’ animated alter egos — shared the stage with Syria’s National Orchestra and marked what we can only hope is a new era of music in the Middle East.

via NPR


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One Response to “Gorillaz: Live in Syria”

  1. The right location for Gorillaz. I hope Damon and Co. can break more traditions

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