Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ Cat’s Cradle

For some unknown reason, we have yet to post about this band. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros released their debut album, Up From Below, last summer and have been steadily gaining popularity since. Their new (yet familiar) sound, embellished with folky instrumentation and vocal duets between lead singer Alex Ebert and ladyfriend Jade Castrinos, gives the listener the feeling of discovering a new band in your parents’ record collection from the 60s. The LA-based band, comprised of 10 people (insert Polyphonic Spree comparison here), made a stop in Carrboro Friday night and I had the pleasure to catch the sold out show (thanks DBell).

There was a high sense of anticipation waiting for the band to take stage and when they launched into “40 Day Dream” (the first song of theirs I heard when Brad tossed it my way many months ago), they completely squashed any concern that the band would not be able to recreate their sound live. In fact, it was better, throwing loads of energy in with the sounds from the studio. Alex Ebert played the role of the frontman as good as anyone, bouncing around the stage and engaging the crowd throughout the evening, even stepping down into the crowd at one point. Jade, who reminded me a lot of an extremely happy Hunny Bunny from Pulp Fiction, was absolutely brilliant as well. The crowd was really into it, dancing and singing along to each song, with the standouts being the popular “Janglin” and “Home”. 10 people on stage hitting every note and having as much fun as the audience created a level of camaraderie within the Cradle and provided a euphoric atmosphere. So much that towards the end of the show, the band even requested that everyone sit down on the floor, to which the satisfied crowd gladly obliged. Hopefully this project continues to grow over the next few years because they have loads of potential, in studio and in concert. Go see them as soon as you can.

Grab Up From Below off Amazon for $9.99.

Take the jump for some videos from the show and more.

“Home” from earlier in the tour (good footage)

“40 Day Dream” from Milwaukee

“Janglin” from Cat’s Cradle

“40 Day Dream” from Cat’s Cradle (not so good audio, but decent vid)

Will post more if they pop up on the interwebz.


~ by johnnyjay on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ Cat’s Cradle”

  1. awesome, awesome show

  2. groovy. wish they were coming this way.

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