M.I.A. – /\/\ /\ Y /\

M.I.A.’s third and long awaited studio album, /\/\ /\ Y /\, dropped yesterday. The album takes its name from the Sri-Lankan artist’s name, Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, who’s last release, Kala (2007), produced such hits as “Paper Planes“, “Boyz“, and “Jimmy“. The new album is a mixed bag of styles, standard for M.I.A.; the singles put out ahead of the album release included the politically charged “Born Free”, electro-poppy “XXXO” (which already has a remix featuring Jay-Z), club-banger “Teqkilla”, and the ethereal “Space”, which played over the credits to last weekend’s Entourage. The rest of the album doesn’t really seem to fit together, but that’s pretty much the modus operandi for M.I.A., and while it may not always fit, it still works (if that makes any sense). The dub-steppish “Story To Be Told” showcases Rusko and Switch’s talents and Diplo’s production skills do not disappoint on “Tell Me Why”. “Meds and Feds” includes samples of Sleigh Bells‘ “Treats” (who are on the same XL Recordings label) for a crispier track in contrast to some of the more muddy ones. All in all, sweet album.

Pop on over to M.I.A.’s whacked out MySpace page to stream to the entire album. If you have troubles finding the playlist, just go here. Take the jump to see a video of Maya and 9 doppelgängers performing “Born Free” on Letterman from earlier this week.


~ by johnnyjay on July 15, 2010.

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