Lotus – 2010 Live Selections

Improvisational electronica band, Lotus, have released a free download that features a collection of songs from their recent winter and spring tours.  Combining a sometimes explosive, sometimes delicate balance of bass-heavy electronic textures – including  deep house, drum and bass, jam-oriented jazz, funk, and world music – Lotus appeals to a diverse audience. The band’s rhythm section provides the backbone necessary for their adventures into deep electro-space-funk jams. Steve Clemens’ precise, polyrhythmic drumming teams well with Chuck Morris’ percussive crescendos and bassist Jesse Miller’s wiry thump. Luke Miller, who splits time between keys and guitar, further layers the often polyphonic feel giving lead guitarist Mike Rempel plenty of atmospheric textures to supplant his jazzy guitar foray.  Added together, Lotus has become a tight-knit unit destined for the purpose of pushing the envelope further and further while shaping a new genre of sound.

released 20 June 2010
Live mix by Evan Bates. Compiled, mixed and mastered by Jesse Miller. Photo by Michael Gustin.


~ by cdowell4 on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lotus – 2010 Live Selections”

  1. why does it say FREE but it keeps trying to charge me….weak

  2. Looks like it was only temporarily free. Sorry bro.

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