Listen to New Dr. Dre & Jay-Z Song “Under Pressure”

Dr. Dre has been working on his said-to-be final album, Detox, since 2003. It was supposed to come out in 2004, but Dre focused on other artists on his Aftermath label and now the album is set to come out sometime this year. The first single to make its way to the blogosphere is “Under Pressure” featuring Jay-Z. The only version floating around right now is tagged with “New Music Cartel Dot Com” voice-overs which sucks, so hopefully the real one leaks soon. Jay’s verse calls out Gilbert Arenas for “bringing his gun to work” and your favorite golfer in a line where he raps that he “should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods”. Spare no one, Jay.

Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z – “Under Pressure” (w/ tags)


~ by johnnyjay on June 16, 2010.

One Response to “Listen to New Dr. Dre & Jay-Z Song “Under Pressure””

  1. HELLZ YEAH!!!

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