The Sound Medium’s June Music Preview

Trentemøller Into The Great Wide Yonder (June 7th)
Danish electronic phenom Anders Trentemøller is set to release his second full-length album, Into The Great Wide Yonder, on June 7th. This is the follow up to 2006’s The Last Resort, which set the bar fairly high and introduced us into Trentemøller’s dark, electronic sound. Yonder creates a contrast from this with its more organic, analog feel and more liberal use of vocals, but the sinister sound is still there. To be fair, the experimentation on this album has a few minor misses, but Trentemøller makes up for it with the hits.

RatatatLP4 (June 8th)
Ratatat have clearly become more comfortable on the keys and drumkit as they build around their signature guitar-loop sound more and more on each release. On their most ambitious album yet, Ratatat incorporate numerous worldly tones on tracks like “Bare Feast” and “Bob Gandhi” with their South Asian sounding percussion. The record’s 12 tracks include the first single, “Party With Children“, and several other sure-to-be-Ratatat-classics like “Grape Juice City”, “Neckbrace”, and “Drugs”. A must have for the summer.

The ConstellationsSouthern Gothic [Warner Reissue] (June 8th)
Eclectic Atlanta, GA-based funk popsters – The Constellations – are re-issuing their debut album on Warner Records.  Independently released in 2009, the band took the music world by storm and was subsequently signed by Warner back in March who agreed to remaster and mass-market the album.  Blending a unique, upbeat style that closely resembles Gnarls Barkley and the Gorillaz with a southern twist, the band’s rambunctious style is showcased by their playful track, “Felicia,” in which frontman, Elijah Jones, metaphorically sings about some sexual themes that any brah can get down with.

Cadillac SkyLetters in the Deep (June 8th)
Letters in the Deep is one of those rare albums in which brilliant musicianship coupled with heartfelt songwriting can take you on an emotional rollercoaster with each listen.  Produced by Dan Auerbach and recorded over a mere 4 days using mostly live cuts and few overdubs, Letters in the Deep is as raw and unabashed as bluegrass gets.  This album will touch your soul – pure and simple.

Blitzen TrapperDestroyer of the Void (June 8th)
These guys from Portland are behind their time…in the best way possible. Destroyer of the Void is full of songs that you would expect to hear on a classic rock station. The Bob Dylan and Beatles influences run deep in this record winding through lead singer Eric Earley’s Tom Petty-esque vocals and the band’s tried and true guitar/piano/organ/harmonica/fuzzy bass formula. Blitzen Trapper have made a solid contribution to roots Americana with Destroyer…it’s nice to hear a band come out with new classic rock songs.

Deer Tick The Black Dirt Sessions (June 8th)
Deer Tick, with their Folk-Grunge sound, release their third album this month.  If Johnny Cash had a son that grew up in Seattle in the late 80s, then it would be lead singer John McCauley, whose gritty voice croons throughout the album’s emotional and sometimes dark tracks. From cowboy ballads like “Twenty Miles” and “Choir of Angels” to Rolling Stones tributes “Mange” (aka “Sympathy for the Devil”) to the Oasis-y “Hand in my Hand”, Destroyer delivers a nice blend of genres that Deer Tick has carved out as their own sound.

Delta SpiritHistory From Below (June 8th)
Ambitiously building upon Ode to Sunshine’s solid foundation, Delta Spirit releases their stunning sophomore effort, History From Below, on June 8th.  The band effortlessly blends country music and indie rock to create a layered sound that is defined by tuneful melodies, driving percussion, polished guitar work, and high production value.  There is a mellow ebb and flow throughout that gives way to a broad canvas for Matt Vasquez to paint his soothing vocal imageries.  The group of songs presented here are honest, straightforward, and easily accessible for many audiences.

Tame ImpalaInnerspeaker (June 8th)
Perth, Australia-based acid rockers, Tame Impala, have created the perfect homage to 60’s psychedelia, covering the gamut of the genre from Pink Floyd to Jimi Hendrix to The Doors to Jefferson Airplane and everything else in between.  With the voice of John Lennon and the craftsmanship of Thom Yorke, frontman Kevin Parker creates a smooth blend of paisley pop, stoner rock, and swirling guitar anthems.  This is an album that can easily capture your attention and lose you in its expansive musical kaleidoscope.

Grace Potter & The NocturnalsS/T (June 8th)
Arguably the sexiest frontwoman in rock ‘n’ roll, Grace Potter is as talented as she is smoking hot.  The Nocturnals, her long-time backing band, conjure the sounds of Sticky Fingers-era Stones with their hard-rocking nod to pop blues, and Grace’s sultry vocal delivery oozes swagger, sex, and grace (no pun intended). Would you expect anything less from a starlet that has the confidence to rock a mini-skirt and a Gibson Flying V on stage??  She’s got the medicine that everybody wants…

Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersMojo (June 15th)
There really isn’t much to say about this release except that it’s classic Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, which is an obvious enough reason to get excited…  Chalk Mojo up as another solid effort from a living legend.  I really don’t think that Tom Petty is capable of writing a bad song, and The Heartbreakers sound as tight and focused as ever.  Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that you can stream it over on ESPN (really?!?).

The RootsHow I Got Over (June 22nd)
Philadelphia’s hip-hop heroes will be teaming up with the likes of John Legend, The Dirty Projectors, Blu, Little Brother, and Monsters of Folk for their intriguing 9th studio album, How I Got Over.  The guest-list alone should be enough to pique your interest…  The album is chock-full of jazzy-slick beats that have come to define The Roots legendary sound and career.  Black Thought’s rhymes are thought provoking and progressively dramatic.  The obscure, yet intense collaborations only add to the breadth of the album and make for a wildly pleasurable listen that starts at 0 and ends with a sonic boom of musical bliss.

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