The Black Keys – Brothers Studio Session via NPR

Ok, we’re gonna go ahead and apologize for inundating you with posts about The Black Keys over the past several weeks, but this music is just too damn good to ignore.  Think about this for a second – Brothers is the 5th album the band has released in the past 2 years… 2 years!!  The previous 4 – Blakroc (2009), Dan’s solo record Keep It Hid (2009), Pat’s side project Drummer – Feel Good Together (2009), and Attack & Release (2008). Really?!? It’s extremely hard to capture what this band is doing musically with our words, but Pat and Dan are simply just oozing amazing music right now.

We promise this will be the last thing that we post about them for at least another couple of days…  The band recently performed a session with David Dye from NPR’s World Cafe, and you can stream it below.

The Black Keys – Live in Studio w/ Leon on keys and Nick on bass
Set: Too Afraid To Love You, Tighten Up, Everlasting Light, Howlin’ For You

Read a review of Brothers by James Segerson from the LA Music Blog, where he compares The Black Keys to the Beatles in the first sentence of the review.  “Maybe I’m going out on a limb (I don’t think I am), but I’m calling it right here, right now: this album deserves to at the very least be nominated for Album of the Year. The sheer shift in emotion and depth this album presents is well worth the coveted award.”  We’re happy that Segerson shares the same opinions as we do.


~ by cdowell4 on May 21, 2010.

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