Caribou – Live at Cat’s Cradle / Latest Album

I had the pleasure of catching Caribou at Cat’s Cradle Wednesday night and it was one of the coolest shows I’ve seen in while. Caribou (a.k.a. Dan Snaith) has been making music for around 10 years, and is currently managed by Durham’s Merge Records. I had listened to Caribou’s last three albums over the past few years and liked them enough, but seeing it live gave me a completely new appreciation for this music. The live reproduction is near flawless, but it also includes semi-improvisational swells that lead to enormous peaks. There were parts that remind me of live Radiohead due to the complexity of the music being re-produced live. Caribou may be Snaith’s stagename, but the rest of the band excelled as well; the drummer is very talented and the bassist’s sound was integral to most of the songs. This band is not to be missed.

There are a few low-quality pictures from the show after the jump. For the encore, during “Barnowl” , two scantily clad girls jumped up on stage and started dancing. After about a minute of this, the people up front just started piling onto the stage and dancing. Eventually security got them all off, but it was funny while it lasted.

You can stream or download a live set from earlier in the tour from NPR here. Careful not to judge by the first few tracks as the show starts a bit slow, but it gets moving.

The most recent Caribou album is called Swim and most of their live set was comprised of these songs. You can stream the album at it’s entirety after the jump. I recommend “Odessa“, “Jamelia”, “Kaili”, “Sun” and “Lalibela” for starters.


~ by johnnyjay on May 14, 2010.

One Response to “Caribou – Live at Cat’s Cradle / Latest Album”

  1. While the whole dance scene on stage was funny, the band was clearly like “WTF?” I know their new stuff is dancey, but twiddly dong suckers are quite frankly out of place when they act like they’re at a rave, when they’re really at a Caribou show. I’ve seen this band live several times over the years, and I couldn’t help but miss the old days where Caribou’s audiences would gladly bask in their noise and face-melting ambience. I really dig the new album, but it doesn’t exactly scream DANCE PARTY. Maybe I’m a douchebag snob, but that crowd sucked, man. Bunch of high school teenie boppers who clearly weren’t familiar with the band’s core sound. That said, the album is awesome, and the show was great, as always.

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