Under the Radar: Cadillac Sky

5 Unplugged Instruments. 5 Voices. 1 Microphone. Dan Auerbach behind the controls.

If you combine the endearing songwriting capabilities of The Avett Brothers with the gritty twang of Old Crow Medicine Show and sprinkle a little bit of The Black Keys’ magic potion on top, you get the compelling, authentic bluegrass sounds of Cadillac Sky.  The band is comprised of Bryan Simpson (vocals, mandolin), Ross Holmes (fiddle, violin), Andrew “Panda” Moritz (upright bass), Matt Menefee (banjo, piano, strings), and David Mayfield (guitar, vocals).  Occasionally, the guys will switch instruments and sometimes utilize percussion in their sets.  Each member contributes equally, and their collective talents heighten the quality of the playing and push the boundaries of the music to new levels.

From the moment I heard a few of tracks off the band’s new album, Letters In The Deep (BUY IT JUNE 8th), I was immediately blown away by the pure and real nature of the sound.  Captivating melodies, gut-wrenching vocal harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, top notch instrumentation, and brilliant songwriting define Letters In The Deep. Recorded over 4 days in Dan’s studio in Akron, OH, over 75% of the album is taken from the live studio cut, with minimal overdubs being used (mostly on the vocal harmonies).  The music created mimics a snapshot in time that transcends all aspects of roots and American music to conceive a modern day artistic masterpiece.   As Dan states, “I think its a really interesting record.  I definitely didn’t think it was only going to take 4 days.  You know what I mean?  That is really cool.  That’s the sign of a prepared band and a band that has a shared vision…  A group of guys that can communicate and make it happen.”

Letters In The Deep offers a collection of songs that any music fan can appreciate.  There’s a little something for everyone here.  Even if you aren’t big into bluegrass or Americana, you can appreciate the genuine and raw essence of the music.  If you can’t find the redeeming qualities of the album, you might want to check your pulse.

Watch a few awesome videos of the band in studio with Dan, and stream a couple of songs from Letters In The Deep after the jump…

Cadillac Sky Myspace

Hangman (Letters In The Deep)

Pitiful Waltz (Letters In The Deep)


~ by cdowell4 on May 11, 2010.

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