The Sound Medium’s May Music Preview

Deftones – Diamond Eyes (May 4th)
Don’t call this nu-metal; this is not Korn or Godsmack. Direct from Sacramento, Deftones have been putting out albums since 1995 and have been likened to a metal answer to Radiohead. On their sixth studio effort, Diamond Eyes, these Californians produce a dynamic, atmosphericly epic album. Lead singer Chino Moreno’s doomy vocals perfectly compliment the bands precise and fierce execution. Give this a listen, but prepare for this record to (as Acknasty would say) kick you in the teeth.

The Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards (May 11th)
Jack White’s third side project will be releasing its much anticipated second effort on May 11.  This album is chock full of sludgy, blues-inspired riffs and post-goth insanity.  Heavy and intense, Alison Mosshart’s vocals conjure dark images of paranoia and gloom.  Sea of Cowards is densely experimental and touches on many sinister themes.  The aptly titled opening rager, “Blue Blood Blues”, features Jack White’s signature vocal crooning, “All the white girls trip when I sing at Sunday Service.”  How appropriate…

Foals – Total Life Forever (May 11th)
Back from their zealous 2008 debut, Antidotes, Oxford post new-wave math-rockers, Foals, return with refined ambitions. The new sound is less chaotic and more mature, with the band touching on much deeper emotional themes previously omitted from their debut. The band’s confidence on this release is striking, and establishes Foals as a rising force to be reckoned with. Total Life Forever certainly takes some time to dive into, but we assure you that it will be time well spent.

The National – High Violet (May 11th)
Brooklyn-based The National release their fifth studio album this month; High Violet is an album filled with brooding melancholies from lead singer, Matt Berninger, which can be quite telling just by some of the song names: “Terrible Love”, “Sorrow”, “Little Faith”, “Everyone is Afraid”. However, with each listen, this album becomes more balanced with just as many moments of grace and splendor through The National’s highly textured, baritone sound. If you’ve liked any album from The National in the past, you’re going to love this one.

Holy Fuck – Latin (May 11th)
Canadian experimental math rockers, Holy Fuck, drop their third studio album this month, titled, Latin. This album, which primarily comprised of instrumentals (the only vocals are highly distorted and come off as another instrument), kicks ass from start to finish. The intense double-drummer setup add fuel to their wildly aggressive sound. “Latin America”, the first single, sounds like a hardcore version of Radiohead’s “The National Anthem”, while “Stay Lit” shows the band’s dynamic ability  to create beautiful noise.

The Black Keys – Brothers (May 18th)
Since 2008, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have arguably been the two busiest guys in rock and roll. With a collective 5 albums under their belts in that time frame, everything that The Black Keys touch seems to turn to gold. This album will be no exception, as the band continues to improve their skills in the studio. With gritty rockers such as “Tighten Up”, “Next Girl”, “She’s Long Gone”, and “Ten Cent Pistol”, this album is clearly at the top of our list for the best album of 2010 so far. It’s absolutely stellar from start to finish.

Band of Horses – Infinite Arms (May 18th)
The third Band of Horses album, which was recorded in North Carolina, is out May 18. This record is a shift from the band’s rock-n-roll tendency to one of more mid-tempo folk ballads. But still, Ben Bridwell’s gleaming voice shines throughout the record, over the band’s signature instrumentation. This album may lack the sonic tracks of their past such as “Our Swords” or “The Funeral”, but it certainly further solidifies Band of Horses’ authentic American sound and should be their largest commercial success to date. Besides, it’s Band of Horses so you know it’s going to be good…

LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening (May 18th)
James Murphy and company lay down a dance party call-to-feet that’s feels like the Talking Heads got a hold of an iMac. On this, their third and supposedly final release, LCD Soundsystem have created a slew of songs that will be just right for test driving on the open road this summer.

Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek) – Revolutions Per Minute (May 18th)
It’s only been 10 years, but 2/3 of Black Star reunite (minus Mos Def) as Reflection Eternal.  Featuring head bobbing, headphone friendly beats from the mad turntable skills of Hi-Tek and the razor sharp vocal delivery of Talib Kweli, RPMs is going to be a breath of fresh air for a wavering hip-hop scene. Drenched in rhymes delving into the socioeconomic and political turmoil surrounding the past few years, Kweli’s intelligent, off-kilter delivery paints a clear picture of revolution. This album will definitely live up to the hype.

Widespread Panic – Dirty Side Down (May 25th)
Athens, GA based jam rockers opt for a new direction on their 11th release, re-entering the studio in their hometown with long-time friend and producer John Keane. This welcome adjustment has helped bring Panic back to their roots to create the best thing the band has done since the passing of Michael Houser. Showcasing the bands’ dexterous songwriting abilities, the album touches on many genres including jazz, metal, blues, honky-tonk, and down-home, Southern boogie. Oh, we did mention that Jimmy Herring (one of the world’s greatest living guitarists) is finally settling into his new role with the band??  We’re so glad to see the boys back on it!


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