Wilco – Rare Cuts, Demos, and Covers

Everybody needs more Wilco in their lives, so we’re gonna give some to you.  Here’s an extremely rare and unique collection of unreleased material taken from various recording sessions that the band has compiled over the years.  There is no doubt that Wilco is one of the most important bands out there right now, and the quality of the music they have produced over the last 10 years is unmatched by very few bands.  Jeff Tweedy is an absolute master of his craft.

Wilco – Rare Cuts, Demos, and Covers
01. Cars Can’t Escape (YHF Demos)
02. Venus Stop The Train (YHF Engineer Demos)
03. Any Major Dude Will Tell You (Me, Myself & Irene Soundtrack)
04. No More Poetry (The Complete Singles: 1994-2002)
05. Woodgrain (More Like The Moon EP)
06. Corduroy Cutoff Girl (YHF Demos)
07. Blasting Fonda (Feeling Minnesota Soundtrack)
08. Unlikely Japan (You Never Know 7″)
09. Thirteen (Big Star Small World: Tribute Album)
10. Just A Kid (Spongebob Squarepants Movie Album)
11. Alone (YHF Engineer Demos)
12. Camera (More Like The Moon EP)
13. The Good Part (YHF Demos)
14. A Magazine Called Sunset (More Like The Moon EP)
15. Promising (Chelsea Wall Soundtrack)
16. 100 Years From Now (Gram Parsons Tribute Album)
17. Nothing Up My Sleeve (YHF Demos)
18. Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard (More Like The Moon EP)
19. Hummingbird (The Wilco Book CD)
20. More Like The Moon (More Like The Moon EP)
21. The TB Is Whipping Me (Red Hot + Country Compilation)

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