Under the Radar: Mux Mool

If you like RJD2, Pretty Lights, or Ratatat, then you ought to check out Mux Mool. Hailing from Minneapolis, Brian Lindgren (aka Mux Mool) has been putting out singles and EPs since 2006, but released his first full-length album, Skulltaste, last month. The album sounds like some mash-up of the three aforementioned electronic acts, and Mool pushes the limit in every direction. With 80 minutes of music ranging from late 90s house to bass-heavy hip-hop to New Wave to The Legend of Zelda soundtrack, there is something for everyone on this album.

Mux Mool – Skulltaste

Take the jump for more details on Skulltaste and some links and previews.

“I think beat-making is really the study of every kind of music,” says Brian Lindgren, the artist known as Mux Mool, “Anyone who makes beats should be experimenting in other genres.” Skulltaste is an old-fashioned epic, and its diversity—both track-to-track and within the songs themselves—is hard to measure. Lindgren’s taste roams all over the map, but it’s this attention-deficient approach that makes Skulltaste such a smorgasbord of an album, tempting the listener with one tidbit after another. Opener “The Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom” hits a quintessential balance between giddily spiraling samples cooled by monstrous slabs of ice-water synth; later, “Get Better John” has a teary-eyed uplift, conjuring a mood somewhere between `90s R&B and the Chrono Trigger soundtrack; and the entertainingly titled “SFW Porn” pairs a boom-clap beat to clear-blue keys and a lazily scribbled guitar line. On Skulltaste, Mux Mool tirelessly doles out 20 tracks in 80 minutes, with not a moment of filler.

via Ghostly International

Check out some YouTubes if you don’t believe us.Or, stream the album here.


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