The Disco Biscuits @ Lincoln Theatre Tomorrow Night!

Thursday Night, The Disco Biscuits will return to the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh for the first time since June 2008. This will be a different Biscuits show due to lead guitarist Jon Gutwillig’s recent post-show shenanigans where he injured his wrist and had to have surgery. Jon will be on stage and playing keys and some guitar, but taking turns at lead will be Tom Hamilton from Brothers Past and Chris Michetti from RAQ.

If you haven’t seen The Disco Biscuits live, then prepare for an all out musical assault. The band is well-known for their ability to run long sets together, sometimes even playing their songs backwards, in styles referred to as “inverted” and “dyslexic.” An inverted version of a song occurs when the band starts a song by playing its ending segment, followed immediately by its beginning segment and a jam that segues out of that song and into another. A dyslexic song is played the same way as an inverted one, with its main difference being that the pieces of the song are not played consecutively (e.g. ending of 1 -> 2, 3, 4, beginning of 1 -> 5). Another technique employed by the band is a fakeout, which occurs when the band plays a jam that usually leads into one song, but segues into another unexpectedly.[1]

Read on to stream a couple tracks and for more details about the show tomorrow night…

The Biscuits’ shows at Lincoln Theatre always deliver (10/23/2002, 04/25/2003, 04/21/2006, and 06/08/2008 to name a few). Also, the show is in April rather than June, so maybe it won’t be 100 degrees inside Lincoln.

There are still tickets left for $25 ($30 DOS) at Schedule is:

Doors – 7:00
Wilmington based Sci Fi –  8:00
The Disco Biscuits – 9:00.

Don’t miss one of the greatest live acts on the road!

Segue into beginning of “Digital Buddha” at Lincoln Theatre 04/21/2006

Segue into inverted “Above The Waves”, excluding middle section at Nokia Theatre 04/12/2008



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  1. […] Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig, guitarist for The Disco Biscuits, has been on the mend recently from a post-show wrist injury sustained during the Spring Tour. Since the injury, the Biscuits have recruited the help of Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) and Chris Michetti (RAQ) for the remainder of the tour, which included the 4.15 show at Lincoln Theatre. […]

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