Under The Radar: Neon Indian

Over the course of just a few short months Austin, Texas based synth-pop mad scientist, Neon Indian, has moved from playing with keyboards in his bedroom to making appearances on late night TV and touring the country in support of his first EP, Psychic Chasms (notably produced with help from Grizzly Bear).  The mastermind behind Neon Indian is 21 year-old film student, Alan Palomo, who describes his music as, “Childhood re-contextualized through a psychedelic, lo-fi filter. The idea of memory before you were old enough to have memories.”  The finished product flashes back and forth between 80’s pop, cheesy video game soundtracks, and acid-washed, psychedelic nostalgia but somehow maintains a playful, hand-clapping sensibility.  Psychic Chasms is sure to be an excellent addition to your spring music collection.

Pitchfork named two tracks off of Psychic Chasms in their top 100 songs of 2009 with “Should Have Taken Acid With You” listed as the year’s 74th top track and “Deadbeat Summer” noticeably dropping in at number 13.  Neon Indian will be making an appearance at this years’ Bonnaroo Music Festival.  Find out more after the jump…

Neon Indian performing “Deadbeat Summer” at SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX.

Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms EP
01. (AM)
02. Deadbeat Summer
03. Laughing Gas
04. Terminally Chill
05. (If I Knew, I’d Tell You)
06. 6669 (I don’t know if you know)
07. Should Have Taken Acid With You
08. Mind, Drip
09. Psychic Chasms
10. Local Joke
11. Ephemeral Artery
12. 7000 (Reprise)

New song “Sleep Paralysist” released in March 2010.


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3 Responses to “Under The Radar: Neon Indian”

  1. This is good stuff! Here is a nice little remix of Psychic Chasms by BRAHMS…http://gvsbchris.com/neonpsychicbrahmsrmx.mp3

  2. […] by Forrest Day. I’ve been jamming Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms pretty regularly since we blogged about it a few months ago so there was no way I was going to miss this. Tickets were $14 ($40 for VIP), but the event staff […]

  3. […] Neon Indian released their critically acclaimed debut album, Psychic Chasms, in 2009. Two years later, Alan Palomo and his crew are releasing the follow up and supporting it […]

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