Spring Brew 2K10

In honor of it finally starting to get warm, here are a few songs that have been in pretty heavy rotation here at The Sound Medium…mostly laid back stuff.

  1. Yeasayer – ONE
  2. Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come
  3. Broken Bells – The High Road
  4. Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop
  5. Surfer Blood – Take It Easy
  6. Wave Machines – Keep The Lights On
  7. Baby Monster – She Comes Alive
  8. Cold War Kids – Audience
  9. Vampire Weekend – White Sky
  10. Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
  11. jj – My Way (Feat Young Jeezy)
  12. Snoop Dogg – That Tree (feat. Kid Cudi)
  13. Animal Collective – Graze
  14. Major Lazer – Can’t Stop Now (feat. Jovi Rockwell and Mr. Vegas)
  15. The Disco Biscuits – Mirrors (Live at Red Rocks 2009)
  16. Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish
  17. Beach House – Zebra

Want it? -thesoundmediuminbox@gmail.com. Thanks for the eyes and ears.


~ by johnnyjay on March 24, 2010.

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