Rage Against the Chili Peppers Addiction – Radio Free LA

01/20/97 – Los Angeles, CA
Set: Down Rodeo, Vietnow, Tire Me, Without A Face, People of the Sun, Roll Right, Bulls On Parade, Wind Below, Year of the Boomerang/Revolver

Zack de la Rocha – vocals (Rage Against the Machine)
Tom Morello – guitar (Rage Against the Machine)
Flea – bass (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Stephen Perkins – drums (Jane’s Addiction)

Completely reworked, funked-out versions of Rage songs from their 1996 release, Evil Empire.  The interplay between Flea and Tom Morello is absolutely disgusting!  Find out more about the significance of the Radio Free LA performance after the jump.

Radio Free L.A.

Radio Free Los Angeles was a radio show held by the band on January 20, 1997, the night of Bill Clinton’s inauguration as President.[74] The show comprised segments and interviews featuring Michael Moore, Emily Hodgson, Leonard Peltier, Chuck D, Mumia Abu-Jamal, UNITE, Noam Chomsky, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, and Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatistas.[75] These were intercut with musical performances by Morello, De la Rocha, Flea and Stephen Perkins playing different versions of Rage songs, and also Beck and Cypress Hill playing their own songs. The band organized and played the show in response to the re-election of Clinton:

“That election had resulted in one of the lowest voter turnouts in the history of the country, as more and more Americans came to realize that their government was not in their hands, but in the hands of big business. Radio Free L.A. provided a musical and political gathering point for the majority of Americans—and young people especially—who rightly felt left out of the ‘democratic process.'”
Tom Morello, Ratm.com[75]

The two-hour show was syndicated by over 50 commercial U.S. radio stations[76] and streamed live from the band’s website. Transcripts of the interviews are freely available online.[64][77]

Per wikipedia
Image courtesy of the NY Times


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