Introducing: Input

Hailing from Boulder, CO, Input is a relatively unkown emcee that is producing some outstanding hip hop.  At only 23, Input has released 3 albums that sound much more mature than his age suggests.  We listen to a ton of music at The Sound Medium, and it is a rare occasion that a particular artist can grab our attention and stand out amongst a crowd.  Input has built a small cult following in his hometown of Boulder and is steadily creeping his way across the country.  My first impression of Input’s style is that he sounds like an educated version of Eminem- with more polished beats, a slicker vocal delivery, and a more accessible sound overall.  Input has the ability to create intriguing vocal metaphors built around his life experiences without coming across as arrogant or pretentious.  He is creating this music based on the fact that it’s his life and that is all he knows.  The production on 2008’s Pictureface is top notch- with most of the technically-savvy beats credited to Abstrakt, who creates truly deep and memorable soundscapes.  Input’s flow makes you feel like he is a man on a mission- he raps with purpose, intention, skill, and motivation. Find out more after the jump…

Input – Pictureface

01. Pictureface
02. Life and Death
03. Wheels In Motion
04. Out of Tune
05. Damn It Feels Good to be Input
06. Diamonds on the Inside
07. Dead Weight
08. Old Fashioned
09. Mr. Bad Guy
10. Metal on Metal
11. I Dreamed of a Place
12. Open Sea
13. Walking In Circles
14. Stormy Weather
15. Exhausted Patience
16. Dial Tones


~ by cdowell4 on March 5, 2010.

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