Brothers Past – Live at Silk City – Philly, PA – 01/19/2010

Groove to this multi-track recording of Brothers Past’s intimate affair at Silk City in Philadelphia on January 19th. A bit different from the norm, this experimental show featured almost three hours of electronic improvisation. No songs, just dance music.

Brothers Past – Live at Silk City
released 26 January 2010
Recorded and Mastered by Rich Steele

Find out more about Brothers Past and enjoy some chunky, bass-driven youtubes after the jump…

I thought these guys broke up a couple of years ago, but apparently, they are still playing local gigs for small audiences in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA and smaller festivals around the country.  According to their myspace page, they are working on a new album that is due out in late 2010.

If you haven’t heard much of Brothers Past, imagine a cross between The Disco Biscuits and Perpetual Groove.  I really enjoy listening to the rhythm section of Clay Parnell (bass) and Rick Lowenberg (drums).  Their jams continually morph and can become pretty damn dirty at times.  Parnell and Lowenberg never fail to stay locked in on a tight, head-bobbing groove, leaving plenty of space for Tom Hamilton (guitar, effects) and Tom McKee (keys, synth) to work their magic.

Live at Silk City Preview


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One Response to “Brothers Past – Live at Silk City – Philly, PA – 01/19/2010”

  1. Awesome! Anything mastered by Rich Steele is top notch.

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