Coming Soon: Fang Island – S/T

With the wave of positive indie-pop edging its way into the mainstream, Fang Island presents a uniquely progressive and guitar-based take on the genre. Their sound begs repeated listening and the intricacies behind the wall of awesome reveal themselves over time. Stereogum called their jam “The Absolute Place” (from the band’s 1st EP, Sky Gardens) a “triumphant, heavily riffed, primarily instrumental epic, whiplashing through six minutes of smiling prog jams, and as many tempos as passages, before settling into one last minute of uplifting chants.” Fang Island describes its sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone.”  This also gets my vote for best album cover of all-time.

Fang Island’s self-titled album is scheduled for release on February 23rd.  Find out more after the jump…

Fang Island hail from Brooklyn, NY and bring a three-prong guitar attack that is extremely rare in modern music.  The band is Jason Bartell (guitar 1, synth), Phil Curcuru (bass), Chris Georges (guitar 2), Marc St. Sauveur (drums), and Nicholas Andrew Sadler (guitar 3).  All members share vocal duties.  The three guitar attack bombards your ears with dense, exhilarating riffs drenched in mathematically layered harmonies and shifting time signatures that easily coerce the listener into wanting more.  The band’s orchestral vocal chants only add to the complexity of the music.  The cross in musical genres may seem off-putting at first, but if you really take time to listen to what the band is trying to accomplish, you’ll find an anomalous pop sensibility coupled with an oddly-calculated internal logic that binds the contrasting themes within the album.  Think Explosions in the Sky meets Rush with a twist of Metallica.  Several standout tracks, to me, include the opening 1-2 climactic punch of “Dreams of Dreams” > “Careful Crossers,” the chaotic indie-thrash of “Sideswiper,” and the strangely soothing prog-rock of “Welcome Wagon.”

Click to stream and/or purchase Fang Island

Pitchfork describes the band’s first single, “Daisy,” as ‘a unique approach to power pop that’s equal parts serious craftsman and Dr. Frankenstein, interested in carving a meaningful song out of disparate parts. Amidst a flurry of time signature changes, we’re treated to a brainy vision of pop-punk: Steamrolling power chords overlaid with a dynamic guitar solo at least partially indebted to Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott. Although this nonstop ebullience is an abrupt contrast to the close harmonies that close the song, Fang Island uses a downright proggy arpeggiated organ to facilitate an easier transition. Ultimately, “Daisy” is a bit fragmented but thoroughly charming and engaging. If this is the arena rock of the future, send me an invite, okay?’


~ by cdowell4 on February 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Coming Soon: Fang Island – S/T”

  1. It sounds like Animal Collective fucking a traditional rock band.

    On top at first, then underneath, and ultimately the finish, the kiss, and the snuggle.

  2. New LP review:

  3. […] on September 14th and features a badass album cover that is currently running neck and neck with Fang Island for cover of the year.  Click here to download the first single “Old Fangs” or here to […]

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