Album Review: Hot Chip – One Life Stand

This week, British electropoppers Hot Chip will release One Life Stand, their 4th studio album. If you throw out your expectations for another The Warning and give it a fair listen, you’ll find it has a quite a lot to offer. In general, this album has a soft-spoken tone with more of a “love song” mood, but Hot Chip still finds a way to relay elements of their their trademark dancefloor sound. Continue for our review and some streaming links…

Lead singer Alexis Taylor told NME that “the songs are more mid-tempo and disco influenced at the moment”. “[Our last album,] Made In The Dark was all over the place mood-wise and quite aggressive at times. But things are a bit calmer this time.” This is quite true, although some songs on the record do have the uptempo sound reminiscent of the two previous albums.

Take It In is my favorite from the album with its intense verses and breezy chorus.

“Thieves in the Night” builds to a nice chorus and actually has a guitar solo..unusual for Hot Chip.

“One Life Stand” (vid below) is standard Hot Chip that bounces along into a smooth chorus.

Alley Cats is a really good downtempo tune. I typically don’t like soft Hot Chip, but this song delivers.

That being said, you will have to put up with some boring tunes like “Brothers” and “Slush”.


~ by johnnyjay on February 8, 2010.

One Response to “Album Review: Hot Chip – One Life Stand”

  1. One of the best electronic bands of the moment. Very cool.

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