The Black Keys @ Forecastle 2009

We love our Black Keys at the Sound Medium, and Forecastle 2009 is a huge reason for it.    We came.  We saw.  Dan and Pat kicked our asses!  Or, as our friend seeing his first show that night put it afterwards: “Dan will kick your teeth in, let you think about it for a minute, and then come back and do it again!”

Luckily a visionary named Keith Robbins there doing promo work that weekend had HD cameras, a matrix mix, volunteer video pros and time to spare, and shot a ton of footage of the entire Keys set.  A few videos from their work (including Forecastle footage of the Black Crowes, Avett Brothers, Umphrey’s McGee, Yonder Mtn. String Band, and the New Mastersounds) have been floating around the livedownloads YouTube channel for a while, but eight full or nearly full Black Keys songs have recently been edited together for your full-screen HD enjoyment.

Embeds and Links after the jump…

More YouTube Links:
“Strange Times”
“Til I Get My Way”
“Stack Shot Billy”
“Your Touch”


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  1. […] In the meantime, check out some footage from The Black Keys’ jaw-dropping set from Forecastle 2009 here. […]

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