Passion Pit

So I got a GChat from Brad the other night about this band called Passion Pit b/c they had a song on Big Love. Damn, I don’t know how I missed these guys in 2009. I went to their MySpace and was hooked pretty quickly and went ahead and snagged “Manners”, their album from May of this past year. Definitely check this album out…makes me re-think my 2009 best of list (I mean, it’s prob better than Veckatimest…not sure why I have that album so high looking back) . Their sound is kind of a mix between electropop, indie, and dance music. Think Hot Chip + MGMT. Also, the lead singer, Michael Angelakos, sings with a really high voice so throw Mika in there as well.

The band began when Angelakos wrote a few songs for his girlfriend, which later caught the ear of Ian Hultquist (keys + guitar) when played on his laptop. Angelakos, Hultquist, and 3 other dudes formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007, released Chunk of Change (EP) in 2008, Manners in 2009, and are now at the beginning of a huge spring tour that hits Australia, Japan, Europe, and the States.

I haven’t even listened to Chunk of Change yet, but off of Manners, I would suggest: “To Kingdom Come”, “Sleepyhead”, “Moth’s Wings”, “Little Secrets”, and “The Reeling”. Here are a couple YouTubes, but not the official ones because Sony won’t allow embedding:


~ by johnnyjay on January 22, 2010.

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