Jack White Planning Solo Album

He’s done plenty of production and played in numerous bands (including The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather), but Jack White is ready to tackle something new: a solo album. How definite is it? “Eventually, yeah, for sure” it will happen, White says. He’s even considering playing all the instruments himself, “to differentiate from anything else that I’ve done,” he recently told Rolling Stone.

Even though it’s a goal he wants to accomplish “eventually,” a solo gig isn’t necessarily at the top of White’s to do list. In fact, not even White seems to know what’s around the corner—and he likes it that way. “It would be a mistake for me to premeditate anything, even in the next six months, to say what I’m going to do,” White continued. “I’d rather live like this without a calendar in front of me.”

The past decade has been a busy one for the 34-year-old musician. The White Stripes were barely a blip on the radar screen in 2000, and they’ve grown exponentially since. White also started his own record label in 2009, Third Man Records, that’s already put out 25 albums.

Despite his obvious love for all things music and recording, he’s pessimistic about the future of the album. “It’s the worst time to be a musician or an artist in the industry in the history or music,” White says. “Look at any chart. It’s really sad. Sometimes I worry I’m going to be telling my grandkids, ‘I caught the last wave of people buying records. And actually playing them.’”

Still, White shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to creating music, whether that means playing it or producing it (or, as White says “directing” it). “I want to see what can happen out of this record label, and working from singles, producing singles,” he says. “If people are even thinking that the idea of an album is dying, [they] can come to Nashville, I’ll produce a song with them and have it on vinyl within two or three weeks — and on MP3 as well.”

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~ by cdowell4 on January 13, 2010.

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