A Sad Day For Charlotte

Rumors have been recently spreading like wildfire about the potential closing of the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte.  Unfortunately, The Sound Medium has learned that these rumors are true…

“Hopefully this is going to clarify some of the rumors for those that are just finding out. We at the Neighborhood Theatre are actively looking for a potential buyer to come in and take over the Theatre but if that doesn’t work out, we will be closing our doors at the end of March…It is a sad time for all of us who have been involved with the Theatre now for 6 years, but we have also shared some of the most fantastic shows and had a wonderful time on this adventure. Why are we doing this? Wll know that it’s strictly a business decision that was made after many years of trying to improve the facility, improve the top line numbers as well as increasing our customer base…we have done all of those things with great pride, however in the end it’s just flat out not enough to keep the doors open. Certainly rumors will circulate, but those are the true & real answers.

On the flip side, have you seen our current schedule…it’s pretty bad ass with more surprises to come & I sure do hope that many of you join us as we celebrate the final months of our amazing journey that we have been on together.

You never know what might happen and where so stay in touch with us over the next while…we might just have something up our sleeve for the future.

We love u,

NT Family”

Please do yourself a favor and try to make it out to a show or two before Charlotte loses this outstanding venue.  We will keep you posted with any updates we hear about in regards to what is happening with the potential sale of the property.

Neighborhood Theatre Calendar

Save The Neighborhood Theatre Facebook Group


~ by cdowell4 on January 12, 2010.

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