Disco Biscuits NYE Countdown

The Disco Biscuits just capped off 2009 with 5 shows in six nights at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. As usual, they performed a 3-set NYE show with an innovative countdown. In years past, the Biscuits usually incorporate the countdown into segments of their songs. This year, they played a ten song medley, switching songs at each number and finishing with Basis For A Day. Here are the songs:

10) Orch Theme
9) Morph Dusseldorf
8) Run Like Hell
7) Aceetobee
6) Vassillios
5) Mr.Don
4) Above the Waves
3) Munchkin Invasion
2) Crickets
1) Basis For A Day

My personal favorite Bisco NYE countdown is 12/31/1999, when they incorporated the countdown into House Dog Party Favor.

The Disco Biscuits – 12/31/1999 House Dog NYE Countdown


~ by johnnyjay on January 3, 2010.

One Response to “Disco Biscuits NYE Countdown”

  1. That’s the only cool thing I’ve ever seen Bisco do.

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